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Outriding The Box: Thinking and Beliefs, Giving it A new look!

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“start thinking about what is in it for me”

its high time we think casual. lets do it the post convectional way”.

Everyone of us in our lives have come across superstitions and when we do, we tend to give two types of responses. Either believing in them without any second thought or questioning it as to why it is the way it is; but fail to get an answer.

Let’s be honest, even if we successfully find answers it doesn’t make much of a difference in our way of living, does it?

Mere knowledge about the origin of the beliefs and scientific greatness will not be useful if it is limited to the past.

The real question is- ‘How relatable it is to us in the present?’

Want to know a little secret?

The reason why they worked fine in those days is because it served a PRACTICAL need and they stick around strongly even today.

It’s high time that we start questioning “WHAT?” Instead of “WHY?”



If you ever wondered about these, then you’ve come to the right place. We picked some of the best advantages any superstition / belief has to offer in the present time, because life’s all about making the best out of what is available!

The long relationship of Ganga and sacrifice:

It is widely believed across India that offering our cherished belonging in river Ganga brings luck and boosts up our chances of being successful in what we pursue.

Well luck or no luck, we can’t say; but we can say that the whole idea of it sums up to point one major thing and that is- Sacrifice.

Let’s see if there is any modified and practical benefit we can gain from this ritual.

The wish should be something which can be fulfilled by you, when being successful is in your hands.

Waiting for a miracle to happen without any efforts is meaningless.

Instead of being ritualistic by physically leaving it in the Ganges, (or any holy river) and waiting for some miracle to happen, use the offering itself as a key to amplify your will power.

By giving it to someone / just keeping it away from your life until you succeed, you won’t waste the resource.

You need something missing in life, constantly reminding you of your commitments, reminding you that your sacrifice must not go waste, encouraging you to overcome any hardship that stops you from manifesting your goal.

Not being lured by it, even when it is in front of our eyes- shows more dedication to your goal than when it is not in sight. Challenge yourself!

The happiness we experience when we re-own our favourite belonging after our success will be unforgettable!

The frugal Friday:

Sometimes, we notice our parents / elders not spending on Fridays or on auspicious days.

Well, we are not here to discuss the reasons.

For you, this can be an opportunity to control your spending habits and learn to maintain finances.

If not spending on Friday grabs your weekend fun, then be free to choose any other day. This way you can keep a track of your expenses.

It will surely help if you are an extravagant person. Try it out and see the impact it makes!

The weekly vegetarianism:

If you are a non vegetarian food lover, you may realise how easy it is to choose between Veg and a non veg dish.

(Non veg. food is love.. Duh! *Eye rolls*)

Who cares which day it is!

It’s a mutual feeling among all the non veg lovers.

What’s also mutual is this:

Many times, when you are given options, even if there is no specific intention to eat meat, you pick the non veg. option without thinking twice, without trying the tastier and healthier veg. option.

Why should your choice be obvious?

Think about it. Is there something you can change here?

If you are a person who regularly gets to choose, be conscious of your choice.

Select any day of the week (to your convenience) and on that day, skip consuming meat.

You may wonder what difference is ignoring non-vegetarian food for once in a week going to make? That is exactly what we’re talking about.

It doesn’t make much of a difference in the short term.

When we get habituated to a regular thing, we tend to ignore the rest.

Unconscious choices are often so common that we forget how majorly they affect us.

By being conscious of your choices, you will also consider your physical health.

Try it out and we guarantee,

You will be surprised after knowing what great deal of impact it makes!

Give all of these some thought. Think out of the box!

Here is a short story you might enjoy reading.


A man was once walking in a forest and he happened to see an exotic bird. Being very charmed by it and wanting to have it as a pet, he tiptoed towards it from behind and caught it.

To his utter surprise the bird started talking and it said, “Please, release me. In return, I shall give you three gems- three valuable pieces of advice that can transform your life.

I will give you the first one only when you let me go,

The second one when I fly up to that branch,

And the third one when I fly up high to the very top of this tree.”

The man instantly agreed and let the bird go.

As soon as it was freed, the bird started flying up as it revealed,

 “Here is the first gem- my first piece of advice:

  1. Do not torture, torment and burden yourself with excessive regret for your past mistakes.”

As the man pondered over what he had just heard; the bird flew up, sat on a branch and spoke back,

“And the second one is:

  • Do not believe anything that goes against common sense unless you have first hand proof.”

The man then saw the bird fly to the very top of the tree.

It started laughing and said to the man,

“You are a fool! Within my body are two huge jewels, if you would have kept me and killed me instead of letting me go you would have been the owner of these precious jewels and would have become instantly rich.”

“OH MY GOD!”the man exclaimed.

“How could I have been so stupid, I will never be able to forget this foolishness for the rest of my life!”

Realizing that there was one last piece of advice he needed to hear, he sadly asked:

“Oh bird, can you at least give me the third piece of advice? Maybe that will have the potential to pacify me.”

The bird replied-

“I was just testing you,

You are asking me for further advice, but did you realize that you have already disregarded the earlier two pieces of advice I gave?

Firstly, I told you not to torment yourself with excessive regret for past mistakes and yet you just cursed yourself with regret for letting me go,

And secondly, I told you not to believe in things that go against your common sense unless there is first hand proof.

You disregarded that advice as well, by believing that there could be two huge jewels inside a tiny bird like me!

But since you have asked me for the third piece of advice, here it is-

If you are not applying what you already know, why are you so intent on gaining what you do not know?”

Saying so the bird flew away as the man received his three jewels that might positively change his life…

authors: kasthala divya and meher aparajitha

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